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From: Gary Everson, 7.45pm

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  How to avoid having to wait 4-6 weeks for your soap to be ready!

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   3 simple ways to accurately measure every ingredient – each and every time

  The little-known way to measure down to a tenth of an ounce with complete accuracy

  Demystifies the safe handling of lye

  2 simple keys to avoid getting into an oily sticky mess

  AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how to create that wonderful Christmas, Valentines, or Birthday gift

  The simple method revealed to ensure you never miss an important ingredient

  Essential tips and tricks for cleaning up safely and easily

  The secret to selecting the best equipment, while not breaking the bank

  A free and easy way to manage if your scales won’t hold large quantities

  Know exactly when to remove the heat and why

  Have you been looking for this for ages? Discover how to determine the exact moment when the soap is finished and ready to put into the mold

  REVEALED! The hidden truth behind disposal of excess lye and soap scraps

  The secret to cutting the soap loaf into individual bars without crumbling the edges

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A bit of background...

I have been making soap for some time now and until recently I have always used either the cold process or melt and pour.

For the beginners among you, soap is made by combining oils, which represent fatty acids, with an alkaline solution.

Notice that combination there?

...fatty acids, and a solution containing an alkali

Anyone who has spent any time at all in the science class at school will realize that acids and alkalis are opposites and each have a similar capacity to burn skin and eyes, however if you combine similar quantities in similar concentrations, they tend to neutralize each other.

...and this is exactly what happens in soap.

The fatty acid combines with the alkali and a chemical reaction takes place, called saponification, the end result is soap, which is neither acid or alkali, ok, a chemist may argue that the PH of soap is generally on the alkali side of neutral, but in any case, the concentrations are very low and it is perfectly safe to apply to the skin.

This is the only way that soap can be made!

The combination of a fatty acid and an alkali is the only way!

The melt and pour method may seem different, but this is because it simply involves melting soap that has already been made and then allowing it to set again. There is a place for melt and pour, it offers a huge scope for creativity and there are some truly amazing soap creations out there that you can try for yourself, but it is not true soap MAKING.

There are a few different techniques for making lye soap.

Cold Process

Most popular by far for home soap makers is the cold process, it is popular because it only involves heat to melt solid oils and then to match the temperature of the oils to that of the alkali, known as lye, which heats up in reaction to mixing it with water to form the solution.

No additional heat is required.

The lye is added to the oils and the mixture is then stirred until the mixture thickens, this is called trace and is when the scent and/or color is normally added, before pouring the mixture into the mold to set.

There are a number of drawbacks with the cold process, the main one being that the chemical reaction that takes place to neutralize the fatty acids and the alkali is not complete for 4-6 weeks, so once your soap is set and you have removed it from the mold, you then have to leave it for over a month before you can use it.

Major limitation!

The other main issue is that the fragrance you add to your soap, whether a fragrance oil or an essential oil is normally an oil base and it is therefore effected by the saponification process, the effect can be minimal, but in some cases it can result in the complete absorption of the fragrance oil, leaving your soap with very little fragrance at all - this is important to be aware of because essential oils are probably the single most expensive ingredient in your whole soap recipe.

If this does occur, you may be faced with having to grate the whole batch and re-melt it again using the melt and pour method to add in even more fragrance.

A similar thing can occur with some dyes, which can change during the saponification process, leaving your soap batch a completely different color to that which you intended.

Hot Process

In my video I demonstrate a way to completely eliminate all of these drawbacks, by using the hot process.

The hot process of soap making involves cooking the soap mixture until the saponification process is complete, there is no need to cure the soap for weeks afterwards and the scent and color is added after saponification, so there is no danger of losing the effect of either of these costly ingredients.

Additional conditioning oils can be added after the soap is finished too, which adds that touch of luxury to the finished bar.

There is a minor drawback with the hot process, the finished soap is not a liquid, it is a gel, similar in consistency to petroleum jelly or Vaseline, this means that it cannot be poured into an intricate mold, it needs to be spooned into the mold, but aside from this it forms into bars well and the finished product is every bit as good as soap made using the cold process.

You really must try making soap using the hot process, if you have previously used the cold process you will wonder at the new level of control you have over your soap creations and the speed at which you can turn out a completed batch.

If you are a complete beginner, you will skip all the heartache of investing all that effort into your new hobby and then having to wait an agonizing 4-6 weeks to experience the results of your first batch.

I have included some bonus products too, firstly there is a demonstration video showing exactly how I created the soap molds I used in the soap making video, it's very cheap to do and if you can't stretch to doing the work yourself, I'm sure you could share the video with a friend who is handy with a drill and a screwdriver.

To accompany the soap mold video I have written a 12 page guide that contains the necessary measurements, tools and hardware you will need.

We had a lot of fun making the hot process soap video and there are a few sections that ended up on the virtual cutting room floor, but some of them were quite entertaining, so I have put together a short set of outtakes, including the moment the cat wandered in wondering why all the lights were on in the daytime, I hope you enjoy it.

You can get all of this at absolutely no risk to yourself, that's the way it works, try it, see what you think, I'm confident that you will find it an amazing resource, but if you don't agree, simply let me know within the first 8 weeks and you will receive a full unconditional refund with my blessing ...and you can keep the videos.

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What's a resource like this worth?

To have someone do all this research for you would normally cost you around $400 (I should know, that's what it cost me ...and more!). Particularly laser-guided accurate information like this - SPECIFICALLY for making hot process soap. This isn't some boiler-plate collection of answers.

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And hey, don't take my word for it on how great this package is. Listen to what people just like you have to say about it:

Hey Gary, thanks for the videos, I had no idea it could be so straight forward and quick too, watching you gave me the confidence to make my first batch.

Now it's a week later and I've already made three batches!

I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with all this soap, but my family are going to have a very "clean" Christmas hehe

Gayle Turnbull, Leicester UK

I have been a soap maker for many years and get really frustrated at how long I have to wait for the chemical reactions to stop and for the soap to be safe to use when using the cold process method.


This video is the answer to my unspoken prayers, it is easy to follow with plenty of hints and tips for us hot process beginners, I can't wait to get started.


Thanks Gary, you are a constant mine of helpful information.

Lucy K. Maine

I can't believe I haven't heard of the Hot Process soap making method before, who would have thought is would be so easy to do it or how quick your soap would be ready?


Thank you for a great video that has opened my eyes to being able to create soap much quicker, ready in just 24 hours how good is that?

Melanie Falconer, Richmond, KY

How many times has my distributor asked me for more stock when I don't have any? I have often had to make up excuses but not anymore.


I didn't realize that using the hot process was so easy, never again will I have to wait a month for my soap to cure. I am delighted with this video it is packed full of good advice and seeing you make the soap right there means it all makes sense.

Fay Latimer, Cambridge, MA

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. And these people are super happy. Just like you'll be.

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Gary Everson

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